Create Vietnamese Unicode HTML documents in Microsoft Word 2000

  1. Launch Microsoft Word 2000.
  2. Select a Unicode-compliant font and start typing text.

  3. On the menu, select Tools->Options...
  4. Click on General tab and select Web Options...

  5. Click on Encoding tab and choose Unicode (UTF-8). Do not choose Vietnamese (Windows) option.

  6. Save file. Then click Export to Compact HTML menu icon or select File->Export To->Compact HTML... or select File->Save as Web Page...

  7. Specify the file name in the Export to HTML as or Save as dialog box and click Save.
  8. Done


Be sure to run Microsoft Office HTML Filter 2.0 to remove Office-specific markup tags embedded in Office 2000 documents saved as HTML. Removing the unneeded tags helps reduce file size and speed up page download. The filter can also be downloaded from

Run Microsoft Office HTML Filter 2.0

  1. Launch MS Office HTML Filter 2.0
  2. Click Options... and check appropriate checkboxes. Then click OK.

  1. Click Add... and select files to be filtered from the Select files to process dialog box.

  2. Click Apply.
  3. Done.