Announcement of WinVNKey 5.0 for Windows NT/2K/XP

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Announcement of WinVNKey 5.0 for Windows NT/2K/XP

Postby hoc » Tue Mar 08, 2005 9:05 am

I am proud to announce the latest release of WinVNKey 5.0 for Windows NT/2K/XP:

The latest version is 5.0.355. Version for Win9X is not available yet.

This is a major redesign of WinVNKey, with lots of smart features that will satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated users.

1) Smart typing Vietnamese.

There are about 60 switches on the Viet Option Page to control how much smart typing you want. Thus there are millions of combinations, or different pages, you can have. But that's for sophisticated users. WinVNKey predefines about ten common pages and you can easily choose a page that meets your typing style. Once you become more familiar with it, you can turn on/off individual switches on the page.

2) Smart Vietnamese syllable macros (Lazy macros, or macro Vần Lười)

If you are a slow typist like me, this feature is for you. Turn on lazy macros and you will be able to type just one or two letters and get a whole syllable, without the need for typing shift keys, which tends to slow down Vietnamese typing. WinVNKey is smart enough to expand lazy macros for Vietnamese words only. If the word is not Vietnamese, lazy macros will not work and you get exactly what you type in.

3) Better macro processing

You can now define macro names whose ending parts have identical characters. This is because WinVNKey 5 processes the longest macro names first. This feature is now used in the Pinyin macro table.

4) Better plain text conversion

- Autoguess the character set of source text
- Convert plain text to Unicode RTF files
- The converter dialog contains many hyperlinks that make it easier for you to open source and destination files, check conversion status, etc.

5) Smart RTF conversion

You can save MS Word documents in RTF format and then use WinVNKey to convert them from one set of fonts to another. The RTF files can contain fonts from more than one character set.

WinVNKey can automatically recognize the character sets of the source and destination fonts. Thus the conversion is very simple for you. In case the recognition is wrong, you can specify your own rule. You can even supply character conversion tables for new character sets.

6) Support dead keys on non US keyboards.

WinVNKey allows you to change the behavior of dead keys on non US keyboards to make them behave like regular keys. This means you can type accent marks after, instead of before, base letters if the accent marks are dead keys.

7) Support registry setup for surrogate fonts

WinVNKey automates the setup process so that Windows can handle Unicode surrogate characters like Han Nom in Extension B.

8) More support for typing Han Nom.

The Han Nom database is split up into Han and Nom parts. They include surrogate Han Nom characters as defined in Unicode Standard 4.0. Users can choose separate fonts for surrogate Han Nom characters in Extensions A and B. They can display them at any font size. Users can type Han Nom in any applications that support Unicode such as Notepad 2000 or later, Wordpad 2000 or later, Office 2000 or later. Applications do not need to support IME.

Users can update the database in plain text files and tell WinVNKey to regenerate the binary database.

9) Support for hot keys

You can change almost any WinVNKey setting by typing a special key sequence called hot keys. This feature is for power users who prefer the keyboard over the mouse.

10) And more features and bug fixes (e.g. large tray icon bug)

The manual has been completely rewritten to accurately describe the new features.

Please download and give it a try. If your Internet connection is slow, you can try downloading the 1.7MB package, which does not include fonts and manual. If your connection is fast, try the full version.

I would like to hear feedbacks from you to improve in the next release.


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