OMR Audiveris 4.2 Release

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OMR Audiveris 4.2 Release

Postby quân » Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:45 pm

Version 4.2 of Audiveris, Optical Music Recognition software for Windows and Linux, has just been released on

The new features include:
- Integration with Ghostscript for PDF inputs,
- Adaptive binarization filter for images with non-uniform illumination,
- Integration with latest Google Tesseract OCR for textual entities,
- ART-based symbol description for recognition by neural network.

The main objective of 4.2 release was to address the whole set of representative score examples provided by Recordare/MakeMusic MusicXML site. How Audiveris can be used to process each of these specific cases is detailed on ... reExamples.
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